Topic: High Dynamic Range Rendering Computer Graphics between Reality and Illusion
Date: August 20 - 31, 2018

Welcome to e.media 2018, the fourth International Summer School on Media Informatics and Computer Graphics, which will be held in Friedberg, Germany, a historical town located in a beautiful area, about 30 minutes outside of the international city of Frankfurt, organized by the THM Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, University of Applied Sciences.

The topic of the summer school is High Dynamic Range Rendering. HDRR is an exciting computer graphics technique, often used for producing advertisement and movies. HDRR is the rendering of 3d virtual scenes by using real photographs for the lighting calculations. This allows the creation of extremly realistic looking renderings.

During two weeks of lectures, practical laboratory work and excursions e.media 2018 will cover both theory and practice of all aspects of High Dynamic Range Rendering including story boarding, taking photographs, creation of HDR images, image based lighting of 3d virtual scenes and rendering.

e.media 2018 is primarily indented for all bachelor students in the upper semester levels of media informatics and related programmes such as media design or media technology. Nevertheless, anyone with knowledge in 3d modeling and a good level of English may apply as long as you are curious, committed and enthusiastic enough to learn more about High Dynamic Range Rendering and the art of computer graphics between reality and illusion...