Making of

Railroad Gate IBL

This is a simple rendering of a Hyundai i30 waiting at a closed railraod gate in Frankfurt (near Frankfurt’s Klassikstadt).

The full spherical HDRI panorama was shot already two years ago during 2018 Summer School. The image is stiched using 8 bracketing series with 7 exposure steps each. Not an easy task shooting a panorama with tripod blocking the car traffic right in front of a railraod gate with a lot of annoyed car drivers not willing to stop 5 meters ealier, even if the gate is closed anyway.

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Concrete Bath

This rendering is a small case study done with Autodesk Maya 2017 and Chaosgroup V-Ray 3.6. Mainly just an academic finger exercise to test some shading and rendering features after a much too long period without 3d project. Here, first of all the final result:


The project started with this wonderful photography of a concrete wall found at, which seemed to cry out for displacement mapping.  Searching the web for photographs of rooms with concrete walls led to the decision of a sink somewhere in the cellar of a family house. The scene’s mood should not be dirty, abandoned or even rotten, even with this rough concrete wall. The sink looks new and clean and a fresh flower is used to show signs of habitation. Here a collage of some images taken from to build a combined mood- and reference board.

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Making of Holzeisenbahn

Die Idee für die Szene ist das Rendering einer Spielzeugeisenbahn aus Holz in einem Kinderzimmer. Der Zug steht fahrbereit zum Spielen auf dem Teppich des Zimmers. Die Andeutung einer Lichterkette und eines Babybetts sollen den flüchtigen Eindruck des Kindeszimmers erreichen. Als Titelseite für das das Buch „Rendering in Maya und V-Ray“ soll die Szene möglichst viel von den Besonderheiten von Chaos Groups V-Ray enthalten.

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