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Bachelorarbeit M. Kreuzer

With Industry 4.0 becoming more prevalent, there's an evident need for systems capable of displaying and handling real-time operational data. Digital Twins, which are virtual representations of actual systems, present a viable solution. However, a prominent challenge lies in the integration of real-time PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) data with these Digital Twins.

One primary question my thesis seeks to address is: How can a data model be constructed that incorporates PLC data into a real-time 3D Application? To achieve this, the thesis will explore existing methods in data integration, data modeling, digital twin technology, and PLC systems.

The central processes will encompass retrieving data from PLC through an OPC server, converting the data, typically in XML or JSON formats, from the OPC server into formats compatible with 3D software, like C# or Python objects. Further steps involve importing this data into the 3D environment using techniques such as TCP/IP sockets. Once the data is in the 3D software, a 3D representation of the PLC system will be modeled to mimic the actual system's behavior. The final step will be ensuring that the PLC data is accurately linked to the Digital Twin to maintain synchronization between the virtual and real systems.

This study aims to develop a Digital Twin Data Model within a real-time 3D environment, like Nvidia’s Omniverse, by integrating PLC data and the Universal Scene Description (USD) for 3D models. The intent is to create an accurate real-time digital twin while simplifying its establishment process.


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